Tennessee Wing Chun/Bak Mei Kung Fu Association


Better Than The Best

 Sifu Louis Williams

 I've been studying and training, teaching Chinese Martial Arts for over 35 years. Learned all my Gung Fu at Four Star Martial Arts School in Flint, Michigan. Sifu David Williams, Sifu Joe Horne, Ron Olter-EL, Sifu Hamin Rasool. Since then I have Mastered and moved to LaVergne, Tennessee, 7 years ago, in Nov. 2005, when I opened my doors for students, wanting to learn Traditional Kung Fu ( Gung Fu ), The Only Complete System in Middle-Tennessee, being so Rare in the  area, where there are a lot of so-called Sifu and Made up Sijo's, claiming to teach this Rare system(s) of Mo Sut or Martial Arts, that learned from DVDs to VHS, and they need a Qualified Teascher/ Shifu/Sifu. I'm the Only Fushan Shaolin Wing Chun (Leung Sheong- King Of The Bil Jee ) The first student of Ip Man, went he arrived in Hong Kong. Also for the Very First-Time, Fushan Pak Mei ( White EyeBrow ) Pai in Middle- Tennessee, Yi Quan and 5 Petal Chi- Gong, offering classes to anyone wanting to learn.




Alternative Medicine

Alternate meaning- A choice of two things or several things / one of two things which must be chosen.


Medicine meaning- Any preparation or subtance used in th treatment of disease / The science of the prevention and cure of disease.


Complementary Medicine

Treats the body holistically, dealing with the whole body in its environment, still today anicent exercises and method, many Physicians ignore the values, However certain types of Alternate Medicine are now increasing with the cost of Health Care in 2010, to complement with today traditional methods, PILLS, PILLS, PILLS

How would you like to improve your Health and Wellness, by learning Traditional Chinese Martial Arts?

How would you like to give your children the chance to improve their skills and comprehenison in the vital early years?

There is no better investment you could make in your own career or family in your children future.

Do not deprive yourself or your family of this wonderful, very rare opportunity to increase your Health and Wellness to enrich your lives.








Better Than The Best

There's alot of Fake Sifu and so called Sijo's, claiming to present Shaolin Wing Chun ( Yip Man and Pan Nam)
Fushan Pak Mei Pai
Yi Quan
Hung Gar
( Do your own research, Lineage of the school, before you sign-up, please check them out, ask question????????????